The Process

Homestudy and Adoption Preparation Course
Intercountry adoption is a process that requires the involvement of various professionals and governments at home and abroad.  Applicants require the services of both a licensed agency to facilitate the adoption and a social work practitioner to complete the homestudy assessment. During the homestudy process, your practitioner will explore with you information about your life and background, including why you want to adopt internationally. The homestudy process varies by province so consult your provincial ministry website for details.

Some provinces also require applicants to attend an adoptive parent training course as part of the homestudy process. To access pre-adoption training in Ontario, called P.R.I.D.E. (Parenting Resources for Information, Development and Education) consult the AdoptOntario website.

Four Stages to Complete an Intercountry Adoption
Family by Adoption Inc. has a defined step-by-step process as outlined in four stages.

Stage 1:  Homestudy Preparation and Approval 

  • Complete the agency’s application and registration process
  • Attend a meeting with agency staff (in person, Skype or telephone)
  • Complete homestudy and adoption education program (process varies by province)
  • Agency obtains applicant’s provincial Letter of Approval to adopt from country of choice
  • Complete citizenship or sponsorship application with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

Stage 2:  Prepare Dossier for Foreign Adoption Authority 

  • Applicants/agency compile dossier for the foreign country according to their requirements and send it

Stage 3:  Receive a Child Proposal and Travel 

  • Agency receives and processes the child proposal documents with the applicants, their practitioner, provincial agency or provincial ministry 
  • Agency obtains and manages provincial approval documentation for federal and foreign authorities
  • Applicants travel to the child’s country

 Stage 4: Placement of the child, Court Finalization and Travel Home

  • Applicants meet their child, do transition visiting with the child to start attachment prior to attending foreign Court
  • Applicants attend Court in the child’s country and receive the Adoption Order
  • Obtain child’s adoption and immigration documents (birth certificate, passport, visa) for child to travel home to Canada
  • Applicants fulfill post adoption requirements

The time needed to complete an adoption, including any training, preparation and approval of a homestudy, coordination of a child proposal and finalization of the adoption abroad, varies depending on individual and program details. Adoption fees are paid at each stage of the adoption as that stage is completed.  See Program Summary Chart 2023 for details of time lines, process and fees.

Application Instructions: If you wish to apply to adopt through Family by Adoption Inc. you must print, complete, sign and mail the attached application form to our agency office for review. Families cannot proceed to the next step of registering for a specific country program until their application to Family by Adoption Inc. is accepted. The information you provide is confidential. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at 416 449-0018 or