I Live Outside of Ontario in Canada

Adoption is provincially legislated in Canada.  All provinces require adoptive applicants to complete a homestudy assessment and receive approval by the provincial adoption authority. Some provinces also have an adoption education program that applicants are required to attend as part of their homestudy preparation.

Each province has its own regulations, policies and procedures which adoptive applicants must follow, including how to obtain an adoption homestudy, attend required adoption education sessions and obtain provincial approval to adopt internationally.

At Family by Adoption Inc. applicants complete an application and registration process before signing a Service Agreement to work with the agency.  Applicants should not complete a homestudy for a particular country program before registering with the agency in that program. Once applicants have signed our Service Agreement we will accept your completed homestudy with provincial approval and continue in the adoption process overseas.

*FBA cannot facilitate intercountry adoptions for residents of Quebec