Relative Adoptions

Intercountry Adoption of a Relative  

We have experience assisting families to adopt relatives from their country of origin.

The applicant may be the child’s aunt, uncle, grandparent or cousin, depending on the country of origin’s definition of relative. Applicants who apply to adopt a relative must follow the same preparation and process for intercountry adoption in Ontario as non-relative applicants. You must:

  • register with an adoption agency that is licensed to do adoptions from that country,
  • complete a homestudy and mandatory adoption training, and
  • obtain the provincial ministry’s approval to adopt.

These steps are required before an applicant is permitted to travel to the child’s country of origin for the purpose of adopting the child. Once applicants have received a provincial Letter of Approval to adopt, our agency will liaise with the appropriate child welfare authorities and legal professionals in the child’s country of origin to complete the adoption in compliance with the laws and protocols of that country.

You must obtain permission from the Canadian government through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to bring a child from another country into Canada as a part of your family.

A non-compliance adoption is an adoption which is completed in another country, by a resident of Ontario, which did not follow the legislation and regulations of the Ontario’s Intercountry Adoption Act, 1998. The agency provides services to assist families who are in this situation and which may result in the adoption being recognized in Ontario and Canada.


Fees vary dependent on the adoption process involved in the foreign jurisdiction.  Please contact our office for more information.