Our Staff


Sharon Gollert, Executive Director
Sharon has worked in child welfare and adoption her entire career. She holds BSW and MSW degrees and is an Ontario approved adoption practitioner. She has public and private sector leadership experience including as a former Director of Ontario’s Central Adoption Authority under the Hague Convention. Sharon understands the bigger picture of international adoption policy and best practice as well as the finer details of assessment and decision making. She has the experience necessary to lead our team, service families and focus decisions on the best interest of each child. sharon@familybyadoption.com


Stephanie Hall  Adoption File Coordinator 

Stephanie is front and center in our office. She assists families with all aspects of their adoption file for both provincial and overseas submission. She is efficient and organized in providing information and answering questions. shall@familybyadoption.com


Roma Hewitt  Accountant                                                                                        Roma is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and has worked with our agency for over a decade. She manages all of the agency’s accounting and finances. She is a board member of several charitable organizations, holds a degree in Theology and brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her position.  roma@familybyadoption.com


Gordon Lewis  Foreign Program Consultant

Gordon has worked in intercountry adoption since 1992. A Minister by profession and the agency’s former executive director, he did humanitarian work through the 1980’s and later championed the cause of orphaned children in need of families. Gordon is on contract with the agency doing foreign development work.