flag-kenyaIntercountry adoptions from Kenya were temporarily suspended on November 30, 2014.   We are not accepting new applicants at this time. 

Eligibility of applicants
Kenya’s Inter-country (IC) program allows for couples that are defined as a man and a woman, who are married, to apply based on the following:

  • Married couples, defined as one man and one woman, who are married for least 5 years
  • Common law relationships are acceptable if the duration of the relationship can be demonstrated to be more than 5 years (must be verifiable)
  • One applicant must be younger than 50 years of age and neither applicant can be over 65
  • Preference is given to childless couples who are younger than 45 and married
  • No applicant can be younger than 25 years of age, or older than 65 years of age
  • Single female applicants are accepted under the “special consideration” clause.  Please contact out office for more information

Children in the program

The children are in licensed private baby homes or in safe houses usually run by private charitable organizations or state funded homes. Those licensed can legally place children into Inter-country Adoptions.

Children range in age from ages 12 months to 8 years, and are more often boys. The program does allow for adoptions of siblings (ages would range) or twins if applicants have a homestudy with such recommendation. Please be aware that siblings and twins are possible, but are rare. It is important to note that the strategy of the Kenya social services is to place children not based on age, but on social needs of that child for their long term development.

Generally children are waiting for families mainly due to economic distress or loss of parents from HIV/AIDS. Many are abandoned and have little or no family history available do to long years of warring within the country.

Wait times to adopt
Adoption is a process requiring the involvement of many professionals and various levels of government both at home and abroad.

For Kenya, we suggest a timeline of approximately 24 – 30 months to complete the adoption in Kenya, from the time the agency receives your completed homestudy and provincial approval.

Long Term Placement Information (Specific to the Kenya Program)
Kenya is a unique program in that it allows couples an immediate opportunity to become parents once they receive a child referral. Kenyan regulations require families to complete a threemonth supervised placement before any court date is scheduled.

Once a child proposal has been accepted by a family, they must travel to Kenya in order to complete a mandatory 3-month supervised placement with their child. The hosting team in Kenya will assist the family in finding suitable accommodation and will also facilitate other logistics involved. The family is given a few weeks to settle in to their new environment and prepare for the placement of their child. The child will only be placed once the staff is satisfied that the family and environment are ready for the child.

This supervised placement with the child is a key element for every family during the adoption process in Kenya. Little Angel’s Network’ social worker is available to assess and assist all of our families in this area and for this purpose. For the factors of safety and wellness, and for bonding, it is not recommended that families anticipate/plan for other activities while overseas for the purpose of adoption in Kenya.

Once the placement is complete, the family will be assigned a court date for the finalization of their adoption. A court dates can be scheduled anywhere between 6-9 months after the family completes the mandatory placement (9-12 months after the family’s initial arrival in Kenya).

Both parents must be present for the entire duration of the supervised placement and for the court date scheduled after the placement is complete which finalizes the adoption. While it is not compulsory for both parents to be present in Kenya between these events, it is encouraged, as it is in the best interest of the adoption that the family stays together during the period of time.

Cost of the Program
Program costs fluctuate with exchange rates and do not include travel, transportation and accommodation overseas. Please contact the agency for a copy of our Kenya Program Package.

Travel: It is a 24 hour round trip to Kenya, and there are various airlines who offer direct flights. As mentioned above, parents are required to complete a 3- month supervised placement with the child in Kenya and are also required to stay in the country until the adoption is finalized. Overseas accommodation is excellent.